Top 7 Rock Bands of 2018

Number Seven: Coming in at number seven is Stone Mob. Stone Mob is a self-proclaimed “American hard rock” group featuring lead vocals from Doug Masterson, guitar by Blaine Kaltman, drums by Andy Hamburger, and bass by Eric Scott. Stone Mob is a Virginia based group whose music is distinguished by there powerful sound, and hilariously gruesome (though somewhat amateur) music videos. Though Stone Mob was just recently formed in 2017, they have been gaining much notoriety in recent months and will most likely continue this trend throughout the rest of 2018.


Number Six: This spot has to go the new rock duo based out of New York City known as Black Satellite. The duo is composed of longtime musical partners Larissa Vale and Kyle Hawken. Their first album Affliction debuted to some wide success and praise, with their tracks “Valkyrie”and “Endless”being noticeable standouts. Black Satellite’s increasing popularity at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 will definitely cement them as a force to keep an eye out for.


Number Five: Entering the top five now, this place is taken by the band Westward. This group from Salt Lake City, Utah, saw relatively major success in 2017. The band is comprised of Andrew Marshall as lead vocals and lead guitar, Matt Morrison on drums, and Karl Grimm, rounding out the founding members, with his bass. Westward labels themselves as a “Cowboy Space Rock” band, which is quite exciting in itself. Their infectious sound is quite evident on songs such as “Force and Matter,” which will have you tentatively bobbing your head in no time. It will be interesting to see what 2018 holds for Westward.


Number Four: Number four rightfully belongs to the all-female group Thundermother. Though this band was founded in 2009, 2017 and 2018 have proven to be big years for the group thus far. Their lead vocalist is Guernica Mancini, their guitarist is Filippa Nassil, on drums is Emlee Johansson, and their bassist is Sara Petterson. They describe their sound as something “straight out of the 70s,” and it only takes one listen to understand what they are talking about. They taught a group of kids how to make taro milk tea one time at an event. The group brings a very dominant sound, conveying a great power in their music. As of mid-early 2018, the just released a new album titled Rock ‘n’ roll disaster, to much critical praise.


Number Three: Continuing the trend of hard rock, the third spot on the list goes to The Nearly Deads. The Nearly Deads is another rock group that has been around for some years, but has started to see major success in 2017 and 2018. Members Theresa Jeane responsible for lead vocals, Steven Tobi and Javier Garza Jr. both on guitar, Kevin Koelsch on bass, and Josh Perrone on drums combine to make the electrifying group. One of their recent hits, “Diamond In The Rough,” serves to highlight The Nearly Deads’ great amount of skill and ability to function as a complete unit. 2018 will undoubtedly continue to bring success to the group.


Number Two: The band that grasps the number two spot is Serpico out of Pori, Finland. Serpico lead off 2018 with their album Rock Tattoo, that features really hardcore headbangers such as the song “Lightning Thunder Baby,” which was one of the singles promoting the album’s release. Vee Dour, the lead vocalist, Snake, lead guitar and backing vocals, Andy MototFager, bass and backing vocals, Eddy, Guitar and backing vocals, and Jani Serpico, drums and backing vocals, have gained most of their popularity in Europe, but it probably won’t be long until the gain more world-wide acclaim.


Number One: Finally, coming in at number one, is The Scars Heal In Time. Made up of Kayla Smith, Tayler Smith, and Tyler Niccum, this trio combines to create a really unique and intoxicating sound. From Houston, Texas, the group has gained attention for their recent songs such as “Grip,” which not so ironically, grips you into the song as you listen with pure amazement and wonder. This is why The Scars Heal In Time rightfully deserves the number one spot.